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The Impossible Game

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impossible1The Impossible Game is in fact one of the most difficult game you have ever played. Even though that the gameplay is very simple, most people fail even to complete the first level of the game. Your mission is to jump over the fast moving square blocks and avoid hitting any spikes on your way. At the beginning everything seems easy but as you progress in the game, it becomes more and more faster and you only have a moment to make a decision how to act. It's very bad that the developer added only 3 levels in the demo version of the impossible game but you can easily buy the full version of the game for your smartphone for 0.99$

The Impossible Game is very difficult but at the same time it's so addictive that you will be engaged to the screen of your PC until you complete all levels. In order to succeed in the impossible game, you must use flags. These flags are some kind of checkpoints and when you die you won't start the level from the beginning. As the number of flags is limited, you should use them wise. Hope you will enjoy the demo version of the impossible game as well as other games at www.theimpossiblegame.co.uk